Microsoft accidently launched Windows 10 updates

The software behemoth “Microsoft” has recently launched a new upgrade to Windows 10 by accident, instead of launching major new revisions of OS that require paid updates. The incident doesn’t change the fact that Microsoft has adopted an innovative approach to developing Windows in recent years but today, it slipped out of hands.

Windows 10 updates

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The company on multiple stages has released features and updates before they were ready for public use, in their pursuit to meet the deadlines of the release. The accidental release of an internal build of Windows 10 in public for beta testers using 32-bit systems is considered a major flaw because it features an unprepared version of a completely re-modified interface of “Start Menu”.

There have been endless disputes for years among experts regarding the Windows “Start Menu” interface. Since the launch of the feature in Windows 8, the company made several attempts to develop the OS by eliminating the button. It also changed the menu to a full-screen User Interface that is more compatible with touchscreens than desktops. Microsoft was compelled into stepping back from such updates in their newer versions, but the present “Start Menu” preview still remains some of the Windows 8 “Live tiles”.

Microsoft aims to practically build, test and validate each of the previews internally before showing and sharing them into the public domain, however, a configuration change allowed this new preview to release to multiple rings at the same time, including external rings. It seems someone from the inside has unknowingly uploaded the internal Windows 10 build into the Windows Insider Channel. Testers using 32-bit systems (which are rarely used) have received the build 18947 with a greatly simplified “Start Menu”. The company is taking all necessary steps to reverse the effects of the incident and to ensure the prevention of such events from taking place in future, Microsoft made the statement in a forum post.

As detected by Twitter User NTAuthority, the Windows 10 build 18947 was seeded to Windows insider testers using 32-bit machines. The new start menu preview is a part of the internal build and it appears to be in its premature stage and lacks some of Microsoft’s iconic Live Tiles. By the look of the screenshot shared on Twitter handle, the new Start Menu design looks quite identical to an early Windows Lite Build back in March this year.

The twitter users also spotted that the internal Windows 10 build has inherited a GIF search tool that is located within the emoji picker section. Additionally, there was a center-aligned Start Menu interface in the tablet mode with a translucent background.

Microsoft instantly pulled the internal Windows 10 build soon after it was reported on social media platforms. The forum post wherein the details of the flaws are clarified also provides the details of rollback.

Also, there are no live tiles in the leaked preview – the release only suggested apps, search and access to the app list. It also seems to lean heavily toward monochrome icons. Windows Insiders stated that the new internal build is a canary build, which means it hasn’t gone through an internal Microsoft testing phase yet.

The company is looking into the matter and making every effort to find the culprit, says Dona Sarkar Microsoft Windows Insider Chief.

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